About me

My name is Mark Perring and, yes, I am a graphic designer.

I've worked in the industry since 1996, most recently employed as a senior designer at Impact Design and Marketing in Somerset, where I worked on a range of projects for several blue-chip and international clients. About two years ago my wife took a work secondment to London and I decided to leave my job and try my hand working as a freelance. It's been a great experience, I've got to work on a different range of projects with some very good people, and got some wider experience in making a business out of design … thankfully I've been able to keep a regular stream of work coming in!

In terms of what I do, I'm able to pick up and run with projects from start to finish, but am equally happy slotting in as part of a studio team (perhaps more so - I think you always get better results from bouncing ideas around in a creative environment!). As a senior designer, I'm also used to supervising and bringing on juniors/middleweights in the studio.

The scope my work spans across all aspects of print – marketing, advertising, exhibition, DM and corporate literatrure, as well as an increasing amount of online delivery through html websites, Flash elements and rich-html emails which I combine to build effective online campaigns. this scope of work runs from concept and strategy to design development and completion; if you haven't already done so please take some time looking through the work section of this site for some examples.

If you like what you see here and have a project you think I could help with, please get in touch.

About this website

The primary reason for this site is to showcase my work to prospective clients / employers. Hopefully you've had a good look through the work samples, these are a snapshot of the kinds of work I'm used to doing – usually it's been as part of a team so I can't take credit for everything on the page, although the work shown here has been selected in the main from projects on which I've either led or made a strong contribution toward the end result.

You may notice that there is a leaning toward 'Honda' projects in my work samples: this is partly due to working on their marketing for four years or so, but to be honest I was also able to do a lot of my better work for this client just because the budgets allowed me to put in the time required!

To keep this site down to a reasonable size, I've only included a small selection of work and background information – If you would like more, for example to view my CV or a PDF showing a selection of work in a certain area, please feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.